I don't know if you've noticed, but the topic of conversation that comes up very often when talking with family, friends or even colleagues: it's series and movies.

It's really a subject that brings people together and allows them to discover the tastes of others.

And this is the subject we're going to talk about this week in my French conversation group. If you want to join us and talk in French this week about your favorite series and movies.

Today, I want to make you discover a French movie that I liked and that I think you will like too, it's: Le jeu / Nothing to hide in English. It's a movie that you can find on Netflix.

Most of the time in French movies and series what you have problems with is the colloquial language, the slang and the idiomatic expressions.

I have watched this movie again, and I have noted the expressions and words that are the least easy for you to understand, and we will analyze them together. Take advantage of the introduction to subscribe and activate the bell and off you go!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I'll only show you short excerpts to avoid spoiling you. I advise you to watch this video, then watch the movie, so you will know in advance the vocabulary used and understand the movie better. And I'm not just going to introduce you to the vocabulary, you'll also participate you'll see!

Two or three words about the movie to put it in context: it's a group of friends who are having a meal at one of their friend's house, and they decide to play a game. The game is that everyone puts the phone in the middle of the table and everyone shares messages, calls, emails and social network notifications. As you can imagine, it's not going to be smooth sailing and secrets will be revealed.


First extract: 4m23: T’as fouillé dans son sac ?

Let's look at the verb "fouiller". So what does "fouiller" mean? You can offer your answer in the comments. Does it mean: 

A - Tidy up

B - Search

C - Lose

I'll give you a few seconds, put the answer in comments.


Fouiller means to search for. This is a slightly more familiar word than “chercher”. Tu as fouillé dans mon sac ? = Tu as cherché dans mon sac ? The mother went through her family's purse, she looked in her daughter's purse when she had no right to do so. Going through someone's things is generally not right.


Second extract : 7m06 : Prems

What does “être prems” mean?

A - Be first

B - To have won

C - Finished

I'll give you a few seconds, put the answer in comments.


“Être prems” means to be first. Actually, one could say “Premier” or “Je suis arrivé en premier”, but we cut the word and say “Prems”. It's a colloquial word that is usually only used verbally or on social networks on a post when you are the first to comment.


Third extract : 7m50 : Une blinde

What do you think “Une blinde” means  ?

A -Something very bad

B - Something of very good quality

C - Something very expensive

I'll give you a few seconds, put the answer in comments.


“Une blinde” means something very expensive. Generally, we associate the word with the verb "coûter". “Coûter une blinde” it means "very expensive".


Fourth extract : 10m45 : Une vanne

What do you think  “Une vanne”  means ?

A - A dish

B - A surprise

C - A joke

Put in comment the answer.


“Une vanne” is a joke. "Faire une vanne" and "raconter une vanne" it's equal to make a joke, tell a joke. This is also a familiar word.


Fifth extract : 13m40 : Tous azimuts

Here we have an idiomatic expression: être tous azimuts. What do you think it means?

A - be in all directions

B - not be in the same place

C - be long gone

Put the answer in comments, I'll give you a few seconds to respond.


So, "être tous azimuts" means … to be all fronts, left and right. It's an idiomatic expression, not overused either, which means that we go in all directions.


Sixth extract : 16m20 : Tous azimuts

Glauque, then what does the adjective “glauque” mean ?

A - not fun

B - strange

C - sad

I'll give you a few seconds to respond.


“Glauque” means strange, shady. Something "glauqueé is something weird, something strange. In the film, the woman says that her friend's joke is creepy, it's weird.


Seventh extract: 18m55 : Un fouineur

So "un fouineur", what does “un fouineur” mean ?

A - someone who is looking for something

B - someone who is bad

C - someone who steals something

I'll give you a few seconds to respond.


“Un fouineur” is a busybody. It's a noun that comes from the verb fouiner like fouiller that we saw at the beginning, these two words mean to look for something. "Un fouineur" is someone who is looking for something


Eighth extract : 25m25 : Chialer

What does the verb "chialer" mean?

A - get angry

B - shouting

C - crying

I'll give you a few seconds to respond.


“Chialer” means to cry. It's a familiar word, even vulgar, which means “pleurer”.


Ninth extract : 45m20 : Se prendre le chou

We have again an idiomatic expression “Se prendre le chou”. What does this mean?

A - eat together

B - to agree

C - to get angry

I leave you a few seconds, answer in comment.


“Se prendre le chou”, we say also “Se prendre la tête”, which means to lose your rag. "On se prend le chou" and "on se prend la tête" it means that we get angry, that we argue about something.


Tenth extract : 54m15 : Péter les plombs

Péter les plombs, what does it mean?

A - break something

B - go crazy with anger

C - cut off the electricity

I leave you a few seconds, answer in comment


“Péter les plombs” or “péter un câble” means to lose it. These are two familiar terms “péter les plombs” or “péter un câble” which means you have so much anger that you go crazy. You get to a high level of anger


Eleventh extract : 1h03 : Être maboul(e)

“Être maboul(e)”, what does it mean?

A - to be honest

B - to be fun

C - to be crazy

Put the answer in comments.


“Être maboul(e)” means to be crazy. It's a colloquial word that means to be crazy, completely crazy

There is even this famous board game called “Docteur maboul” which means “Docteur fou”


Twelfth extract : 1h05 : Flasher sur quelqu'un

What is the meaning of “Flasher sur quelqu’un” ?

A - to like someone

B - to get to know someone

C - to betray someone

I'll give you a few seconds to put the answer in a comment.


“Flasher sur quelqu’un” means to fall for someone. Flasher sur quelqu’un it's like having a crush on someone, it's liking someone in order to maybe have a love relationship.

I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷